Reference Topics 6-1

This is an elementary introduction to polynomials.

This is an elementary introduction to multiplying polynomials.

This first part of this site provides some practice polynomial terminology, and with working with polynomials. It has some nice links.

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Section 6.1: Polynomials

6.1 Outline

  1. Terminology
    1. term
    2. polynomial
      1. monomial
      2. binomial
      3. trinomial
    3. degree
      1. of a term
      2. of a polynomial
      3. linear
      4. quadratic
    4. numerical coefficient
  2. Simplification
    1. like terms/similar terms
    2. simplify – this is the first of four main processes in algebra
  3. Shortcuts with products
    1. FOIL (see
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Reference Topics 1-1

An interactive version of Pascal’s Triangle.

Here is another site on Pascal’s triangle:

This site give a nice introduction to problem-solving.
A site which lists other sites on mathematical puzzles: the whole entry

Section 1.4: Review for Chapter 1

Studying for a chapter examination is a personal process, one which nobody else can do for you. Simply take the time to review what you have done.

Here are the new terms in Chapter 1.

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