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Dr. Karl Smith

Welcome to my home page. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I enjoy several areas of interest:

First, and foremost, is my devotion to my Lord and my family. My wife, Linda, our children, Melissa and Shannon, and my grandchildren, Hannah, Søren, Theron, and Cole have given me the best family I can imagine.

Second, is my love of teaching and my students at Santa Rosa Junior College. I am now retired from full time teaching, but still love interaction with many of my previous students, while occasionally teaching a class.

Third, I have been a member at Bethlehem Lutheran Church for over 30 years, and enjoy the fellowship and work.

For the last several years I’ve been involved with building a school in Rwamagana, Rwanda. My love for the children in Africa is unbounded. I’ve made a You Tube video telling the story of our progress:
Rwanda School Project – You Can Help

Finally, I am the author of many mathematics textbooks. My current project, in addition to revisions of existing books, is a new book in the area of BioCalculus. I am learning a lot of biology to accompany my knowledge of mathematics.

If you want further information, please check out these links:
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Rwanda School Project

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