Individual Research Projects Section 4.5

Project 4.7

Build a working model of Napier’s rods.

Project 4.8

Write a paper and prepare a classroom demonstration on the use of an abacus.
Build your own device as a project.

Project 4.9

Write a paper regarding the invention of the first electronic computer.

Project 4.10

In Chapter 1, we introduced Pascal’s triangle. The reproduction here is from a 14th century Chinese manuscript, and in this form is sometimes called Yang Hui’s triangle.Pascal

Even though we have not discussed these ancient Chinese numerals, see if you can reconstruct the basics of their numeration system. (Use your imagination.)

Project 4.11 Historical Quest

The Ionic Greek numeration system (approximately 3000 B.C. ) counts using the Greek letters. Do some research on this numeration system and report on the basics of this numeration system. If there are gaps in your research, use you imagination to complete the story you tell about this system.