Section 8.3: Surface Area, Volume, and Capacity

8.3 Outline

  1. Dimensions
    1. one-dimensional measurement (length)
    2. two-dimensional measurement (area)
    3. three-dimensional measurement (volume)
  2. Surface area
  3. Volume
    1. formula for a cube
    2. rectangular parallelepiped
  4. Capacity
    1. standard units of capacity
    2. relationship between volume and capacity
      1. U.S.
      2. metric


8.3 Essential Ideas

The surface area See the whole entry

Section 1.4: Review for Chapter 1

Studying for a chapter examination is a personal process, one which nobody else can do for you. Simply take the time to review what you have done.

Here are the new terms in Chapter 1.

Addition law of exponents [1.3]… See the whole entry