Section 8.3: Surface Area, Volume, and Capacity

8.3 Outline

  1. Dimensions
    1. one-dimensional measurement (length)
    2. two-dimensional measurement (area)
    3. three-dimensional measurement (volume)
  2. Surface area
  3. Volume
    1. formula for a cube
    2. rectangular parallelepiped
  4. Capacity
    1. standard units of capacity
    2. relationship between volume and capacity
      1. U.S.
      2. metric


8.3 Essential Ideas

The surface area of a three-dimensional object is the sum of the areas of the faces.

The volume of a three-dimensional object is the number of cubes that can be placed in its interior.

Some common area formula for area are:

cube; V = s3
parallelepiped; V= lwh

To measure capacity, the amount of liquid held in a container, use the following units of measurement:

 U.S. System  Metric System
 gallon (gal.)  liter (L)
 quart (qt; 1/4 gal)  kiloliter (kl; 1,000 L)
 ounce (oz; 1/128 gal)   milliliter (ml; 1/1,000 L)
 cup (c; 8 oz)