Reference Topics 4-5

A History of the Internet designed for someone new to the internet.

A History of the World Wide Web:

You may want to check out the PBS internet timeline:

Some interesting history of the supercomputer is included … See the whole entry

Section 4.5: History of Calculating Devices

4.5 Outline

  1. First calculating tool
  2. Early calculating devices
    1. abacus
    2. Napier’s rods
    3. slide rule
  3. Mechanical calculators
    1. Pascal’s calculator
    2. Babbage’s calculating machine
  4. Hand-held calculators
  5. First computers
    1. ENIAC
    2. UNIVAC I
  6. Present-day computers
    1. Cray supercomputer
    2. Tianhe-2 supercomputer
    3. minicomputers
    4. history of the internet
    5. personal computers
See the whole entry