Reference Topics 7-6

The Golden Ratio is discussed at this site:

The Golden Section in Nature is discussed at this site:

There are many sites that discuss the relationship between math and art (that is between perspective and projective geometry). You … See the whole entry

Section 7.6: Mathematics, Art, and Non-Euclidean Geometries

7.6 Outline

  1. Golden rectangles
    1. definition
    2. divine proportion
    3. tau
  2. Mathematics and art
    1. golden ratios in art
    2. proportions of the human body
    3. spiral constructed using a golden rectangle
  3. Projective geometry
    1. Duccio’s Last Supper
    2. Hogarth’s Perspective Absurdities
    3. false perspective
    4. Masaccio’s The Holy Trinity
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