Individual Research Projects 7-7

Individual Research Project 7.9

Write a paper on perspective. How are three-dimensional objects represented in two dimensions?

Mathematics and Perspective

Morris Kline, Mathematics, a Cultural Approach (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1962), Chapters 10-11.

C. Stanley Ogilvy, Excursions in GeometrySee the whole entry

Individual Research Projects Section 7.1

Project 7.1

What are optical illusions?

What are the following optical illusions:



Find some unusual optical illusions and illustrate with charts, models, advertisements, pictures, or


Martin Gardner, “Mathematical Games,” Scientific American, May 1970.

Richard Gregory, “Visual Illusions,” Scientific See the whole entry

Reference Topics 7-6

The Golden Ratio is discussed at this site:

The Golden Section in Nature is discussed at this site:

There are many sites that discuss the relationship between math and art (that is between perspective and projective geometry). You … See the whole entry