Reference Topics 9-3

This site investigates the four-color problem:

A beautiful gallery of fractal designs are found on these sites:

A site showing some of Escher’s tessellations is interesting:

This site shows the colorful answer to Problems 24 and 25:… See the whole entry

Homework Hints 9-3

[tippy title=”Problems 1-4″]Problems 1-4
There are many problems throughout the text labeled IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Just relax; do not be afraid to give your opinion. For the most part, these questions do not have “right” or “wrong” answers. You … See the whole entry

Section 9.3: Topology and Fractals

9.3 Outline

  1. Topology
    1. topologically equivalent figures
    2. planar curve
    3. closed curve
    4. interior/exterior
    5. simple curve
    6. Jordan curve
    7. invariant property
    8. genus
  2. Four-color problem
  3. Fractal geometry
  4. Tessellations


9.3 Essential Ideas

Two geometric figures are said to be topologically equivalent if one figure can … See the whole entry