Video Links 9-3

Introduction to Fractal Geometry (time: 1:41)

If you are fascinated with fractals and would like a complete introduction, this video gives you a complete lecture on this topic. time: 53:45)

This is a video on using geoboards (time: … See the whole entry

Reference Topics 9-3

This site investigates the four-color problem:

A beautiful gallery of fractal designs are found on these sites:

This site shows the colorful answer to Problems 24 and 25:

This site has many links:

This site discusses … See the whole entry

Reference Topics 9-1

An historical reference, along with a solution and interesting links for the Konigsberg bridge problem is found at this site:

This site provides a thorough overview of the Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP):

This site provides Graph Theory tutorials:… See the whole entry