Homework Hints 17-4

[tippy title=”Problems 1-4″]Problems 1-4
Read the section first and then paraphrase each of the requested paradoxes or theorems are saying.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 5-6″]Problems 5-6
Identify a paradox which describes the situation in each problem.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 7-10″]Problems 7-10
Remember that … See the whole entry

Section 17.4: Apportionment Paradoxes

17.4 Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Alabama paradox
  3. Population paradox
  4. New states paradox
  5. Balinski and Young’s impossibility theorem


17.4 Essential Ideas

Alabama Paradox

A reapportionment in which an increase in the total number of seats results in a loss of seats for … See the whole entry