Individual Research Projects Section 13.4

Project 13.5

Do some research on Keno probabilities. Write a paper on playing Keno.

Karl J. Smith, “Keno Expectation,” Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2,Fall 1972.

Project 13.6

Consider the following classroom activity. Suppose the floor consists of square tiles 9 in. on each side. The players will toss a circular disk onto the floor. If the disk comes to rest on the edge of any tile, the player loses $1. Otherwise, the player wins $1. What is the probability of winning if the disk is:

  1. a dime
  2. a quarter
  3. a disk with a diameter of 4 in.

Now, the real question: What size should the disk be so that the probability that  the player wins is 0.45?