Homework Hints 13-4

[tippy title=”Problem 1″]Problem 1
Look in the book to find a statement of this term.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 2-3″]Problems 2-3
Make sure you know these formulas, as well as the conditions for which each applies.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problem 4″]Problem 4
Look in the book to find a statement of this property.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 5-7″]Problems 5-7
Use the property of complementary probabilities.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 8-10″]Problems 8-10
Since the given events are independent, you can use the multiplication property of probability.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 11-12″]Problems 11-12
Since these problems involve operations on three sets, you need to pay attention to the correct order of operations. In Problem 11, first consider the intersection. In Problem 12, consider the complement first. See Example 6.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 13-18″]Problems 13-18
See the discussion in the subsection entitled “Independent Events.”[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 19-20″]Problems 19-20
Use the multiplication property of probability as shown in Example 3.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 21-24″]Problems 21-24
Use the addition property of probability as shown in Example 4.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 25-36″]Problems 25-36
These problems involve a stochastic process and a tree diagrams. See Example 8.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 37-38″]Problems 37-38
The spinning of each wheel is independent of the spinning and stopping of the other wheels, so you can use the multiplication property of probability as shown in Example 3.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 39-40″]Problems 39-40
Use the result of Problems 37 and 38 (as requested in each respective problem) for the probabilities, and the definition of expectation to calculate the result.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 41-42″]Problems 41-42
See Example 1.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 43-44″]Problems 43-44
These are lengthy problems; proceed slowly and look at Example 2.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 45-46″]Problems 45-46
Use the multiplication property of probability for these problems. In Problem 46 also use the property of complements.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 47-48″]Problems 47-48
These are both lengthy, but important problems.  Take your time working through the various parts, as shown in Example 7.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 49-50″]Problems 49-50
Build a tree diagram as shown in Example 8.[/tippy]

Note: Homework Hints are given only for the Level 1 and Level 2 problems.

However, as you go through the book be sure you look at all the examples in the text. If you need hints for the Level 3 problems, check some sources for help on the internet (see the LINKS for that particular section. As a last resort, you can call the author at (707) 829-0606.

On the other hand, the problems designated “Problem Solving” generally require techniques that do not have textbook examples.

There are many sources for homework help on the internet.

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