Reference Topics 17-2

This site on voting discusses some of the voting dilemmas encountered in this section:

This site by the American Mathematical Society gives an excellent overview of voting and elections.

This site gives some references to Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem:… See the whole entry

Section 17.2: Voting Dilemmas

17.2 Outline

  1. Fair voting principles
  2. Majority criterion
  3. Condorcet criterion
    1. Condorcet candidate
    2. definition
  4. Monotonicity criterion
    1. straw vote
    2. definition
  5. Irrelevant alternative criterion
  6. Arrow’s impossibility theorem
    1. fairness criterion
    2. comparison of voting methods
    3. insincere voting
    4. transitive law
    5. Codorcet’s paradox
    6. impossibility theorem


17.2 Essential

See the whole entry