The Nature of Mathematics, 12th Edition
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Welcome to The Nature of Mathematics
12th Edition

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Experience mathematics and hone your problem-solving skills with THE NATURE OF MATHEMATICS and its accompanying online learning tools. The author introduces you to Polya's problem-solving techniques and then shows you how to use these techniques to solve unfamiliar problems. You'll also find coverage of historical topics, and exercise sets that feature problems applied to real world settings.

REVIEWS (from the 11th Edition)

"It's the best book out there. We tried another book last semester just to be different and that was a disaster. So we'll...keep with NATURE OF MATHEMATICS."

"I have found more than enough material in each exercise set that keeps my students' interest. In light of the fact that most...of my students are not interested in math or science, I have welcomed the sight of the many problems that are conceptual rather than computational in nature."

"One of the strengths of this text is the 'Presentation of topics that are not always computational in nature. This involves letting students see topics that they do not typically view as being mathematical and explore concepts in ways other than by just pushing buttons on a calculator."

"I love the color, the pictures, the cartoons, the attempt to make the pages come alive. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, at least not by me."