Individual Research Projects Section 11.1

Project 11.1

Conduct a survey of banks, savings and loan companies, and credit unions in your area. Prepare a report on the different types of savings accounts available and the interest rates they pay. Include methods of payment as well as interest rates.

Project 11.2

Do you expect to live long enough to be a millionaire? Suppose that your annual salary today is $52,000. If inflation continues at 6%, how long will it be before $52,000 increases to an annual salary of a million dollars?

Project 11.3

Consult an almanac or some government source, and then write a report on the current inflation rate. Project some of these results to the year of your own expected retirement.

Project 11.4 Historical Quest

Write a short paper about Fibonacci numbers. You might check The Fibonacci Quarterly, particularly “A Primer on the Fibonacci Sequence,” Parts I and II, in the February and April 1963 issues. The articles, written by Verner Hogatt and S. L. Basin, are considered classic articles on the subject. You should investigate the relationship of the Fibonacci numbers to nature, as well as the algebraic properties of the sequence. You might also include the history of the sequence.