Homework Hints 6-2

[tippy title=”Problem 1″]Problem 1
Look for a common factor, then look to see if it is a difference of squares, and finally check to see if it is a trinomial.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problem 2″]Problem 2
A difference of squares has the form a2b2; do not confuse with a sum of squares a2 + b2 or with a square of a difference, namely (a – b)2.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 3-6″]Problems 3-6
Common factor; see Example 5.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 7-26″]Problems 7-26
Use FOIL; see Examples 3 and 4.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 27-29″]Problems 27-29
Look to factor these using more than one technique. See Example 5.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 31-34″]Problems 31-34
See Example 6 and remember that a sum of squares is not factorable.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 35-36″]Problems 35-36
First factor as a difference of squares and then look at the factors in order to factor again. Remember a sum of squares does not factor.[/tippy]

[tippy title=”Problems 37-48″]>Problems 37-48
See Examples 1 and 2. If you are having trouble understanding these problems, cut some strips of paper and physically rearrange the pieces.[/tippy]

Note: Homework Hints are given only for the Level 1 and Level 2 problems.

However, as you go through the book be sure you look at all the examples in the text. If you need hints for the Level 3 problems, check some sources for help on the internet (see the LINKS for that particular section. As a last resort, you can call the author at (707) 829-0606.

On the other hand, the problems designated “Problem Solving” generally require techniques that do not have textbook examples.

There are many sources for homework help on the internet.

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