Homework Hints 4-3

Problems 1-4
These problems test your understanding of this section. If you are having trouble answering these question, go back and read the section.

Problems 5-6
See Table 4.5; note the people in these problems are like the dots in Table 4.5.

Problems 7-16
See Example 1; this step is the first step in changing from a base b to a base 10, except leave your answer in expanded form without multiplying out the answer.

Problems 17-30
See Example 1. Write each of these numbers in expanded notation.

Problems 31-36
See Examples 2 and 3. Use repeated division and read the answer by looking at the remainders.

Problems 37-58
See Example 4, and keep in mind changing number bases.
Problem 37; hours and days write base 12 base twenty-four to mean one day and two hours.
Problem 38; weeks and days write 12 base seven to mean one week and two days.
Problem 39: pounds and ounces write 12 base sixteen to mean one pound and two ounces.
Problem 40: feet and inches write 12 base twelve to mean one foot and two inches.
Problem 41: quarters, nickels, and pennies write 123 base twenty-five to mean one quarter, two nickels, and 3 pennies.
Problem 42: gross, dozens, and units write 123 base 12 to mean one gross, two dozen, and 3 units.
The other problems use one of the above named bases.

Note: Homework Hints are given only for the Level 1 and Level 2 problems.

However, as you go through the book be sure you look at all the examples in the text. If you need hints for the Level 3 problems, check some sources for help on the internet (see the LINKS for that particular section. As a last resort, you can call the author at (707) 829-0606.
On the other hand, the problems designated “Problem Solving” generally require techniques that do not have textbook examples.  There are many sources for homework help on the internet.

Here is a site where technology meets mathematics. You can search a particular topic or choose lessons, calculators, worksheets for extra practice or other resources.

Quick Math
This site provides online graphing calculators. This is especially useful if you do not have your own calculator.

The Math Forum @ Drexel
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