Epilogue Video Links

This video is a talk about “What is Math?” The title of this 9 minute video is “Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation?” from the Idea Channel (PBS)  (time: 8:44)

This book is in the 13th edition and the covers of the various editions have evolved into various iterations of an Archimedean spiral.


The following video tells the story about how I came up with the cover idea for the first edition. This video is a TED talk “The Surprising Beauty of Mathematics” by Jonathan Matte (time: 9:13)

This video is related to a topic in the Epilogue, namely projectile motion.
This video solves the projectile motion problem, but requires more mathematics than we assume in the text. This is here for those of you who want to “fill in the gaps” of what is shown in the text. ” (time: 13:01)