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Arithmetic for College Students,
Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, 1981, 380 pages, $59.95.

A hardbound presentation of arithmetic from an adult's viewpoint. Calculators are not ignored, nor are they emphasized. Calculations with decimal fractions precede manipulations with common fractions. Each section begins with a pretest to enable the user to focus only on needed material.

Basic Mathematics,
Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, 1981, 466 pages, $69.95.

A worktext for college students that provides a foundation in basic arithmetic from an adult's viewpoint. It assumes no prior background in mathematics. Each chapter begins with a pretest and a list of specific objectives and concludes with a self-study test.

Mathematics: Its Power and Utility, 9th Ed.,
Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, 2009, 624 pages;
available from

Help your students build confidence, problem-solving skills, and math literacy. This effective book provides a proven framework for carefully guiding even the most math-anxious student.


Business Mathematics, 2nd Ed.,
Wm C. Brown, Dubuque, 1988, 559 pages, $89.95.

This comprehensive arithmetic-based worktext provides a complete course in mathematics for those who have not had algebra, but want a foundation in those topics needed for success in business. It is flexible enough to fit numerous teaching options (lecture, laboratory, or individual study) and provides numerous examples, problems, and practice exercises to ensure student understanding.

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