The Nature of Mathematics, 12th Edition
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Reference Topics

Business/Finite Mathematics

Business Mathematics, 2nd Ed.,
Wm C. Brown, Dubuque, 1988, 559 pages, $89.95.

This comprehensive arithmetic-based worktext provides a complete course in mathematics for those who have not had algebra, but want a foundation in those topics needed for success in business. It is flexible enough to fit numerous teaching options (lecture, laboratory, or individual study) and provides numerous examples, problems, and practice exercises to ensure student understanding.

Finite Mathematics, 3rd Ed.,
Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, 1992, 541 pages, $89.95.

Every word, every piece of art, every problem, and every application have been carefully chosen for their ability to help students understand mathematical concepts and the model-building process, and to help them see how mathematics is used in real life.

Finite Mathematics: A Discrete Approach,
Scott, Foresman, 1975, 378 pages, $92.95.

Only a knowledge of high-school algebra is required for this lively, well-motivated development of finite mathematics topics. Emphasis in on understanding and applying the concepts rather than on proving theorems.

Mathematics for Business,
Wm. C. Brown, Dubuque, 1990, 714 pages, $69.95.

A flexibly designed book that presents algebra-based mathematics in an easy-to-follow format. It includes more than 1,600 applied problems, and provides end-of-part cumulative reviews, along with pretests and diagnostic tests.

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